● WHO NEEDS TO HIRE AN INSPECTOR - whether you are buying or selling you want to be aware of the issues found in your home. If you are selling you may want a second opinion related to what your buyers may find, especially if you are asked to make costly corrections and improvements. If you are buying you want to understand more thoroughly what you are buying. You want to be an informed buyer and recognize any additional expenses related to your new home.

● HOW LONG SHOULD THE INSPECTION TAKE - normally you should expect the inspection to take 2 hours. You can walk along and ask questions and be as involved as you would like.

● WHAT SHOULD A CUSTOMER EXPECT- you should expect to have a thorough investigation on any issues found, a good working knowledge of each component of the inspection and the right tools to explore and investigate the property. Following the inspection you should receive a detailed report outlining any findings and some recommendations for solutions.

● SHOULD THE CUSTOMER WALK ALONG - yes it is encouraged to walk along and ask many questions.

● WHY USE OUTSIDE PROFESSIONALS - it can be beneficial to use specific area experts to analyze and test water and septic tanks. Water needs lab analysis. Septic tanks and leach fields often need scopes to identify real problems underground.

● DO YOU MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS AND FIX PROBLEMS - yes, we make general recommendations and our professional opinion. We also may suggest you bring inexperts to do the repair and maintenance. Hiring a skilled professional will assure the problem is solved in the correct way.

● WHY CAN’T I DO THE INSPECTION MYSELF - yes, however, most home owners do not have the special certification, training and experience needed to identify all the potential problems. If you are selling or buying a home the realtor may like to have an objective opinion of the property. You may walk along and we recommend you ask questions and give your opinion related to every aspect of the inspection.

● WHAT DOES AN INSPECTION GENERALLY COST- cost will vary depending on the use of outside experts such as a water testing lab. Generally a 1,500 sf home will cost between $325 and $425. Larger home may cost a bit more. This will be discussed upfront and in writing prior to any work being done. You will have full control of what you spend and which reports you prefer. Any extra cost will be identified in advance.